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Lakes of the North's current annual assessment rate is $332.00 for your first lot and $166.00 per every additional lot deeded the same due every year on April 1st.

*All lots need to be deeded and the same in order for secondary lots to meet the $166.00 rate.
A Quorum is the minimum number of votes required in person or by proxy to conduct Association business or take a vote. The required number of votes to pass any Lakes of the North assessment change or special assessment is two-thirds of the established quorum. (Please refer to Article V, Section 6 of the Restrictive Covenants under the Resources heading.) Votes may be in person or by proxy at the scheduled meeting.
By-Laws are a set of rules or guidelines regarding the operation of a non-profit corporation such as a Board. Bylaws generally set forth definitions of offices and committees involved with the Board of Directors. They can include voting rights, meetings, notices, and other areas involved with the successful operation of the Association.

Member Amended By-Laws
A restrictive covenant is a recorded legal obligation imposed in a deed by ownership transfer of a home and or property. Such restrictions 'run with the land' and are enforceable on future owners of the property. Anyone who purchases or obtains property in the Lakes of the North development must honor the recorded Restrictive Covenants and its limitations and requirements. Some of the limitations or conditions on the property are size, location or type of structure or activities carried out on the property. The Association Restrictive Covenants also allow for collection of annual assessments.

Restrictive Covenants
A Proxy is a written and signed authorization given by an Association member to another member directing that member to vote on their behalf. If an Association member cannot attend a Lakes of the North election meeting, the member is allowed to vote by an authorized proxy provided to the Board President or another member who is attending the meeting.

Lakes of the North Association’s Restrictive Covenants requires voting for Assessment increases to be in person only, therefore, absentee ballots cannot be utilized.  You have the option to either vote in person or assign the Proxy that you received to the President of the Association to vote on your behalf or assign your Proxy to another member that will vote in person on your behalf.
You may have heard the terms 'Jonas number' or 'account number'. This number is the number assigned to your account for easy reference in our new Jonas software. You can find out your account number by calling the Management Office at 231-585-6000 or even quicker by emailing [email protected]
Please click HERE for the ORV Ordinance for Antrim County
You can start by calling the Management Office at 231-585-6000 or email us at [email protected] to begin the process of gathering information needed for the purchase agreement. Also there is more specific lot infomation under 'Home' and 'Lots sales and Info'.
A director is an officer charged with the conduct and management of Association business. The directors collectively are referred to as a board of directors or the acronym BOD and are generally elected or appointed. The Lakes of the North Association board consists of nine members elected by member vote. Three directors are elected each year for a three-year term.
Governing documents include the covenants, bylaws, operating policies/rules, articles of incorporation or any other documents which govern the normal operating procedures of the Association.
A Lien is a monetary claim levied against a property for unpaid charges, such as association assessments. A lien is attached to the property, not the owner, but legally must be recorded in the property records of the county of residence. If a Lien is in place, the property owner has very limited ability to do anything involving the property until the Lien is satisfied or removed.
An Easment is an interest or a right in real property which grants the ability to use the land of another for a special purpose or endeavor. A public utility may have an easement for repair work to be executed at a future date.
Common Area is area that may be used by all Lakes of the North members. The management of the common area is by the Association which collects annual assessments from the members to pay for the building and facility upkeep, maintenance, and improvements.
An Ordinance is an individual or set of laws adopted by local government at the county or township level.
All of the Lakes of the North lakes have at least 50' Greenbelt of common area that surround them. These Greenbelts were designed to protect the natural character, environment, and ecology of our lake shores. These Greenbelt areas preserve the natural beauty and vegetative cover of our common areas and shore lands.Greenbelts move with the water levels.
The Greenbelt area adjacent to your lot is the property of the Lakes of the North Association and is subject to preservation rules. Any alteration to the Greenbelt which violates these rules may result in a request by the Association to make restoration or modifications. You may find the Greenbelt Regulations on this website - under L/N Documents - Other Documents.
Lakes of the Norths new software system 'Jonas' has made it so there is no need for paper membership cards any longer. Simply just go into the amenity building of your choice with your photo ID (drivers license or state issued ID) and you will be looked up and let in accordingly.
Welcome! Unfortunelty Lakes of the North is not informed everytime one of the lots are sold or bought unless sold directly from the Managment office. Simply email [email protected] a clear photo of the new recorded deed in your name and we will update our membership system appropriately. 
If you are no longer interested in your lot, you can call or email the Management Office to explore your options at 231-585-6000 or [email protected]
Lakes of the North is not notified whenever a lot is sold or bought. To stop statements in your name simply email [email protected] a copy of the new recorded deed out of your name and we will update our membership system appropriately. 

Please note, if your account has a back balance of assessments you will still recieve a statement for the past balance.
Saturday, Sunday, and Monday located at our Airport from 10 am to 2 pm you can drop your trash off for $5.00 per bag.
Please review Lakes of the North's Restrictive Covenants regarding rules, expectations, and square footage minimums. Once decided that the rules fall inline with your development ideas please submit the Architectural Plan to the Architectural Control Committee linked below.

Submission options: Mail, Drop off, email: [email protected]
Permit Fee Payment options: Mail, drop off, call 231-585-6000 (credit card charges over the phone 3.5% surcharge).

The Association places liens on parcels that have back Assessments or Blight violation Issues.

In order to get a lien discharges please email [email protected] resolution details like payment history/ plans and or cleaned up photos of the violation.
Yes, failure to pay assessments will result in your account going to a collection company or law office.

You will be contacted by Sherloq Collection Agency or Velo Law Office. Wages/ Tax returns and other income can be garnished if judgment is processed due to non payment along with foreclosure of property.